Dialogue in The Dark Executive Workshop

The program is originated in 1988 in Germany by Andreas Heinecke, PhD. It harnesses the talents and skills of people who are visually impaired to inspire the physically capable. Dialogue in the Dark sparks thoughts that dissolve old mindsets, exposing you to new people and a new world. You begin to question your assumptions as you experience new limits. Meeting ambassadors of a little-known subculture initiates a dialogue, which endures beyond your time inside the darkness. Since 2009, over 500 workshops were held and 12,000 participants joined the incredible workshop in Hong Kong. The global clients include SAP, Allianz, Philips, Nokia, Airbus, Unilever, SGS, UBS and more. Recently ACME is also authorized as the sole and exclusive consultant company to offer packaged DiD corporate training solution for corporate customers in Guangzhou.

Executives, Professionals and Business Leaders

  • Face up with uncertainties and embrace challenges
  • Reflect on vision and leadership in the management team
  • Be Innovative in unusual circumstances
  • Re-define the meaning of good communication


  • Dark Room Session
  • Debriefing Session

DURATION Open Session (3 hours); Corporate Session (Customized)

VENUE Hong Kong and Guangzhou

To join the workshop please click http://www.dialogue-in-dark.hk/

Training & Consulting